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This is Goast.

Made for Shenanijam 2017.

Controls: Press Space or Left Mouse to Attack. 
Attacks are stronger when the bar is fuller.

Game Story: You play as a ghost goat, protecting the fields from evil mowing robots who are cutting all the grass.
Use your ghostly powers to give the alive goats a chance to prosper.

Dev Story:
What a great time I had making this game!
My theme for the jam was Ghost Goat Robomower, and I just went with it.
I went into the jam knowing that no matter my theme I was going to make a game that only required one button input. It was a design constraint that I felt would give me the best chance at finishing on time.

I've only been making games for about 6 weeks, so any positive feedback or constructive criticism is more than welcome!

Thanks for visiting my game page. <3

Music Artists:

Kevin Bryce


Wilted Woman

1.2: Added a much needed equal sign to unbug the upgrade system.
1.3: Added some text to tell you to press space to get past the PnB screen.7

Published May 28, 2017
TagsDark, shenanijam


Goast1.3Windows.zip 26 MB


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I really enjoy the title screen music! Also the in-game sfx/music is so satisfying to listen to. The gameplay is fun, I just wish there's a pause function (maybe I haven't discovered yet)and the HUD can show the current score along with the high score. Good work!


I think this game has a lot of potential, maybe more upgrades or aerial enemies or I dont know, was actually really fun playing, scored 606